The Dress Creation Process.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Getting Started

Custom Design. Painless Process. Transparent Pricing.


▸ Share inspiration
▸ Introduction call
▸ Design consultation

Anomalie Wedding Dress

You’re the designer

Talk with a stylist to learn more about the dress design process and share your dress inspirations in your Lookbook on your dashboard. During your design consultation, we'll walk through every detail of your gown and follow up with a price quote.


▸ Fabric selection
▸ Custom design sketch
▸ Measurements with a tailor partner
▸ Lace selection
▸ Final design review

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Anomalie brings your vision to life

We create and send you a custom sketch of your dress design, as well as fabric swatches for you to choose the material and color of your gown. If your design includes lace, options from our large lace library will be uploaded to your dashboard. Finally, we’ll put you in touch with a local tailor partner to complete your measurements.


▸ Final confirmation call
▸ Pattern and lace review
▸ Production updates

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Transparency throughout the entire process

We send you production updates from the workshop floor, including a pattern review and mock-up of your dress made out of a muslin material, for you to approve the design elements. If your design includes lace, we send a lace placement review before it’s stitched.


▸ Dress delivery
▸ Final fitting with tailor
▸ Walk down the aisle

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Walk down the aisle in your dream dress

Your dress will arrive in the Anomalie keepsake box, and we’ll help to arrange any follow-up alterations to get you ready to walk down the aisle in the gown you designed.

Process Timeline

Your custom creation, without the lead time of traditional bridal boutiques.


Introduction Call

Design Consultation


Design (~1 month)

Fabric Samples


Custom Sketch

Lace Selection

Final Design Review

Create (~3 months)


Pattern Review

Lace Review

Final Dress Photos


Final Fitting with Tailor

Walk Down the Aisle

Sign up and talk to a stylist.

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