A N O M A L I ESmarter Wedding Dresses

Any dress you can dream, custom made.
Boutique quality, guaranteed.
Revolutionary prices, starting at $800.

What We Do

$5,000 wedding dresses are offensively marked up. Wedding boutiques purposely limit selection. Paying $1,000 plus for alterations makes no sense. Wedding dresses shouldn’t use low-quality fabrics. 8 month lead-times are fake.

How Do We Know? We use the same factories, and are able to sell
the same quality dress for around $1,000.
Our suppliers have the capacity to make
almost any design you can dream.
If a dress is custom-made for you, it should fit. By bulk-buying fabrics, we’re able to use quality
materials you’ll rarely find at our price point.
We use the same factories, and make the dress in 2.

We’ve partnered with the world’s best wedding dress factories and work with our customers to custom design every dress.

By working directly with our suppliers, cutting out boutique overhead and leveraging technology, we’re able to deliver stunning quality and revolutionary prices starting at $800.

How it Works

You Dream It

Before overpaying at a boutique, schedule a consultation with us to design a stunning custom gown. We walk you through every step of the process, including measurements and tailoring.

We Make the Dress

We’ve partnered with the top dress factories to create the gowns. We use the same suppliers as the luxury brands that sell for thousands more at boutiques.

You Receive It

You'll receive a beautiful box within three months. And with a full refund if you don't love the final product, you'll have peace of mind.

The Process


Dream your perfect gown by searching Pinterest and visiting the over-priced boutiques. Once you know your perfect dress style, schedule a consultation with us.


We’ll work with our designers to create a beautiful custom sketch for your design. We’ll also provide a price quote, generally between $800 and $1,500.


We’ll connect you with a top local tailor to take custom measurements or give you instructions for how to measure at home.

Fabric Review

We will send you the fabric we plan to use for your confirmation on look, feel, and color. We’ll also send pictures of beading and/or lace samples.

Pattern Review

We’ll consult you throughout the creation of the gown. For example, we make the dress pattern in a muslin material so you can review what the physical gown will look like before we make it. Additionally, our designers will send pictures and videos throughout the process. We’re on call throughout this process to answer any questions.


Where the dream becomes the reality. Within three months after you approve the sketch, we’ll ship you your custom gown. We are so confident in our process, we offer a 100% refund if you don’t love it.

Brides Comment

Check out this FAB get-away dress ready at our supplier today! Set up a design consultation and tell us about your dream dress...


Like almost every bride, I was frustrated with the obscene markups and non-transparent processes at wedding dress boutiques. I know my way around a factory, so I decided to investigate. We found a way to deliver a higher level of quality and customization for a better price than any other option in the bridal industry. We can’t wait to tell you more.


Duchess satin and silk charmeuse? Remy showing bride-to-be @mollybgreenberg how to ‘swish’ her fabric swatches and decide.


I've been meaning to say how incredibly proud I am of my first San Francisco friends @calleymeans and @leslievoorhees for starting their own custom wedding dress company and already crushing it! If you or someone you know just got engaged please do yourselves a favor and check out the creative and beautiful @dressanomalie


No one, including myself, could believe what Anomalie was able to create for me in such a short time. The dress was beautiful, high quality, and with incredible customer service.


Going with a custom made wedding dress has been one of my favorite decisions I've ever made. Every time I get an email from my designer, my heart skips a beat. This weekend I got to choose the lace designs for my gown.


Six months ago, completely by chance, I came across @dressanomalie and I took a leap of faith in trusting them and I'm so glad I did! The wonderful Anomolie team designed and brought to life a completely custom wedding dress for my special day.

I cannot wait to wear this beautiful gown when I marry my best friend! Thank you to Leslie, Calley, and the Anomolie team! I literally cannot wait to show everyone your gorgeous creation!


New week, new city, and bringing up a new all-star factory partner...


Stunning in Palm Springs! Our amazing bride wanted textured tulle in dusty blue and a beaded cape for her nuptials – what can you dream up? #itsanAnomalie


All of our flowers & lace are applied traditionally by hand: 1-by-1 with pins, meaning every dress is unique and couture...


From dreams to reality! We were so honored to create a dress & cape for Ada last weekend, you looked gorgeous! #itsanAnomalie


j_zuendel Thank you so much for making my perfect dress!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work!!! #feehans

Our Mission

We make any wedding dress you can dream with top-quality materials & craftsmanship at a sane price without offensive markups.

© Reny Preussker

Every Dress

Our company only succeeds if every customer has an incredible experience and receives a stunning dress. We treat every dress like it is our own, and continually create processes to give our customers a more enjoyable experience.

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© Katherine Dalton

Engineering-Led Solutions

Creating any dress a customer can dream is a daunting, but achievable, technical challenge. We will constantly innovate new manufacturing processes and technical innovations to achieve our mission.

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The wedding dress industry has existed for far too long with low transparency for customers. We want to change the industry by educating customers about the materials, prices, processes, and logistics of the wedding dress industry. We want educated customers, and love when they ask us tough questions.

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Forming Lasting Partnerships

We heavily vet all of our partners and only work with vendors who implement high sustainability standards. Our factory owners, many of them women, are incredible entrepreneurs in their own right and we strive to form long-term partnerships that benefit our customers and our partners.

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Our Story

Like almost every bride, I was frustrated with the obscene markups and non-transparent processes at wedding dress boutiques. I know my way around a factory*, so I decided to investigate. I discovered firsthand that dresses boutiques sell for thousands cost mere hundreds to create. I also discovered that nearly every designer brand outsources production to third-party manufacturers.

My fiancé and I became obsessed with how to fix the broken wedding dress industry, and personally vetted dozens of suppliers. Within several months, we formed direct relationships with the best ones and both left our jobs to launch Anomalie. The end result for our customer is that we can deliver a higher level of quality and customization for a better price than any other option in the bridal industry. We can’t wait to tell you more.

*I am a mechanical engineer with a Harvard MBA who has spent my entire career in product development and manufacturing at Nike, M.Gemi and Apple.

Common Questions

What does Anomalie do?

We make any wedding gown you can dream without the offensive boutique markups. Our differentiator is that we can make nearly any dress you can dream to the highest-quality specifications.

We know brides want a beautiful dress that is unique to them, they want a delightful experience while purchasing that dress, and they want more transparent pricing than boutiques currently offer. We are utilizing our operational expertise to make any dress a customer can dream at a sane price and leveraging technology to deliver an unparalleled experience where customers can watch and consult as their dress is being created.

We bulk buy a standard palette of materials from the top silk mills in the world. This allows us to keep prices low, quality high, and lead times fast – while still offering a wide selection of bridal fabrics.

Our palette consists of soft white, ivory, dark ivory, champagne, and blush tones in the top materials. We can do colors outside this palette but we need to approve with our production team and it might involve longer lead times.

Our founder is a mechanical engineer who has spent her entire career managing product development and manufacturing operations for top brands. We partner with some of the world’s top wedding dress factories, which have almost unlimited capacity to make any dress you can dream. We also strive to be transparent, a value the wedding dress industry sorely lacks. During our consultations, we tell you exactly what we can do and what we can’t.

Where are you located?

We are based in San Francisco, but serve customers throughout the United States because all customer interaction is conducted via phone, email or online.

How does pricing and refunding work?

After the consultation (where we discuss your dream dress design), we will create a custom quote. Our prices generally range between $800 to $1,500. Major factors that impact price are amount of fabric and degree of hand-work needed (beading, lace appliques, etc). These prices are generally multiples lower for comparable quality dresses you will find at stores because we work directly with top factories and eliminate the offensive markups usually found at boutiques.

We collect payment in full before starting the creation of the dress via PayPal as invoice. We provide a 100% refund if you don’t love the final dress, including the cost of shipping it back.

There are no loopholes here. This company only works if every bride loves their dress and experience with us.

How do I know the dress fits?

We have a network of top tailors throughout the country. We will connect you with a local tailor, who will take over 15 custom measurements for your dress. If there are any tweaks needed once you receive the dress, these tailors will be on call to make alterations.

What about alterations?

Alterations will be up to you. Keep in mind that Anomalie’s dresses are made specifically to your measurements, therefore we’ve found that brides need only one, and sometime zero, follow-up alterations, compared to the 3+ you’ll need at boutiques, since most use common or modular sizing.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship to addresses within the United States (all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada.

How can I make the process easier?

The Anomalie process works when our customer has certainty into the type of the dress they want. We encourage our customers to do research as they normally would - visit the over-priced boutiques with your friends, do research online, etc. We want knowledgeable customers who know about all options, because we know our way is better. Once you have your dream dress in mind, reach out to schedule a consultation with us. We’ll ask for pictures and any other details you have about your dream design, and chat on the phone to brainstorm and make sure we’re 100% aligned.

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